City of Sand City Mayor

Whether working with a town council, city commission, board of commissioners or other city-level entities, the mayor works with this body of officials to enact legislation such as city taxes, liquor laws or others. The mayor is often the presiding officer at these meetings and should sign all official documents. Additionally, the mayor appoints many positions, such as those for advisory committees and executive positions such as city clerk (if not elected) or city treasurer. A mayor is the chief executive official of a city.
Mayor or Member of a City Council. A resident voter of the city (mayor) or resident voter of the city and the district (council). Elected city officials must continue to be an elector of the city during incumbency. (Government Code Sec. 36502) Candidates for city offices (Mayor and Councilmember) must pick up nomination documents from the City Clerk during the nomination period. (Elections Code Sec. 10227) Candidates filing for city offices will be required to file the following documents: Nomination Paper(s) containing the proper number of signatures. A candidate may file for only one city office at the same election. Forms for campaign disclosure, financial disclosure, and candidate's statements will be issued along with the nomination documents. Financial disclosure and candidate's statement forms must be filed by the candidate at the time the nomination documents are filed. Payment for candidate's statement must also be made at this time. IMPORTANT: Please contact the City Clerk for a schedule of regular business hours.
Sand City
Term renewal date: 
Nov 4 2014
Length of term: 
2 years
Salary (monthly): 
Currently Held By: 
David Pendergrass
In Office Since: