Director of Castroville Community Services District

As an unincorporated area, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors administers Castroville. Castroville is part of District 2, whose current supervisor is Louis R. Calcagno.[17] However, The Castroville Community Services District and its Board of Directors (Ron Stefani - President) are responsible for the water, sewer, storm drains, street lighting, street sweeping and helps fund some recreational activities in Castroville. The Monterey County Board of Supervisors oversees the public works dept which is responsible for road maintenance, while the CCSD Board is responsible for providing most local public utility. The North County Park and Rec District provides P&R service while the North County Fire District provides fire and emergency services protection services.
Candidates for office in special districts must be a registered voter and resident of the district. (Elections Code Sec. 201) and May have special requirements established by the principal act of the district. (Elections Code Sec. 10514)
Monterey County
Term renewal date: 
Nov 5 2013
Length of term: 
4 years
Salary (monthly): 
Currently Held By: 
5 Members
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