Director of Santa Lucia Community Services District

We are committed to living gently and lightly on the land and to respecting nature and each other. As a community our connection runs deeper than a shared property line. We believe that life inside The Preserve is lived at a different pace and depth than life outside it. We respect the traditions of yesterday, and have an enthusiasm for reinterpreting them today. We gather family and friends here; we reflect on cherished memories and create new ones; we gaze at starry nights, hike up streams though redwood forests and ride 40 miles without leaving our community. We enjoy the cuisine, wine, shops,art, music, events and culture of nearby Carmel, Pebble Beach, Monterey and Big Sur. The Preserve is your opportunity to create a legacy for your family in a timeless, irreplaceable place.
Candidates for office in special districts must be a registered voter and resident of the district. (Elections Code Sec. 201) and May have special requirements established by the principal act of the district. (Elections Code Sec. 10514)
Term renewal date: 
Nov 5 2013
Length of term: 
4 years
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5 Members
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