Director of Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District

Ward 1 includes the City of Marina and some unincorporated voting wards south of the City within areas of the former Fort Ord that are within the City's influence and will likely be annexed by the City and portions within the northern border of Seaside. Ward 2 includes the City of Seaside, excepting the northern portion in Ward 1, and the northern half of Sand City with unincorporated areas of the former Fort Ord encompassing the Bureau of Land Management reserve lands and the Laguna Seca area. Ward 3 includes the Cities of Del Rey Oaks and Monterey, excluding the Presidio and what is called New Monterey. Ward 4 includes the City of Pacific Grove, the Presidio, what is called New Monterey, and the northern half of Pebble Beach. Ward 5 includes the City of Carmel, the southern portion of Pebble Beach, and the unincorporated areas of Carmel Valley, Carmel Highlands, Big Sur and Cachagua.
Candidates for office in special districts must be a registered voter and resident of the district. (Elections Code Sec. 201) and May have special requirements established by the principal act of the district. (Elections Code Sec. 10514) Candidate must be a registered voter of the district or property owner in the district and registered voter in California. (Public Resources Code 5531 & 5783.3)
Term renewal date: 
Nov 4 2014
Length of term: 
4 years
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5 Members
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