Pajaro Valley Water Management District

The Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency (PVWMA) is a state-chartered water management district formed to efficiently and economically manage existing and supplemental water supplies in order to prevent further increase in, and to accomplish continuing reduction of, long-term overdraft. The agency also works to provide and ensure sufficient water supplies for present and future anticipated needs within its boundaries, generally the greater coastal Pajaro Valley.
Candidates for office in special districts must be a registered voter and resident of the district. (Elections Code Sec. 201) and May have special requirements established by the principal act of the district. (Elections Code Sec. 10514) Candidates for office in water districts must be resident voters of the district (Water Code section 30500, Water Code Appendix 118-204) with the exception of the San Ardo Water District where candidates must be land owners within the district. (Water Code section 34700)
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Currently Held By: 
Salvador Vasquez