We believe in the American heritage of liberty, enterprise, and personal responsibility.

Vote NO on Measure X

Measure X has enormous shortcomings. Sales taxes are highly regressive and will disproportionately impact low and middle-income residents. Plus, if this new road tax passes, many communities will be paying over a 10 percent sales tax.

One of the most important reasons to reject this new tax is that the recently enacted Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act guarantees a massive investment into American roadways with existing federal monies. The infusion of money into our local road infrastructure during the next 5 years will dwarf what measure X could collect, rendering it unnecessary.

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) should focus its efforts on collecting those dollars from the federal government instead of greatly expanding its mission into becoming a taxing and bonding agency.

Another annoying fact is that TAMC, like most government bodies, use huge amounts of taxpayers’ money to support its proposed tax increases. Moreover, TAMC was recently fined over $800,000 by the State of California for mismanaging its procurement contracts. Why give more money to an agency that has a habit of wasting taxpayers’ money?

Taxes on gasoline at the filling station pumps are more than enough to pay for road infrastructure and repairs. But politicians instead spend gasoline-generated taxes on non-road projects. This is why they need want more of our money.

More Info. on Measure X: http://voteNOonX.com/

Richmond Times-Dispatch Endorsed Gary Johnson

From a Sept. 3, 2016 editorial in the Richmond Times-Dispatch endorsing Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson for president:

In this autumn of our electoral discontent, hope springs, as it so often does in the American republic, from unexpected precincts. Much of the country is distressed by the presidential candidates offered by the two conventional political parties. And for good reason. Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton meets the fundamental moral and professional standards we have every right to expect of an American president. Fortunately, there is a reasonable— and formidable—alternative.

Gary Johnson is a former, two term governor of New Mexico and a man who built from scratch a construction company that eventually employed more than 1,000 people before he sold it in 1999. He possesses substantial executive experience in both the private and the public sectors.

More important, he’s a man of good integrity, apparently normal ego and sound ideas. Sadly, in the 2016 presidential contest, those essential qualities make him an anomaly— though they are the foundations for solid leadership and trustworthy character. . . .

As the nominee of the Libertarian Party, Johnson is expected to be on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. He is, in every respect, a legitimate and reasonable contender for the presidency—but only if the voters give him a fair hearing. And that can happen only if he is allowed to participate in the presidential debates that begin on Sept. 26 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. If the Commission on Presidential Debates wants to perform a real service to its country, it will invite Gary Johnson onto the big stage.

Libertarian Party to Democrats: It’s cruel to be kind

July 26, 2016 ALEXANDRIA — Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark released the following statement today:

Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, and other speakers at the Democratic National Convention are espousing the virtue of love and the need to take care of our fellow man, suggesting that this can be accomplished through government programs such as welfare and socialized medicine.

But love is not born of force. Force is cold, impersonal, and offensive. And it doesn’t work.

In fact, government programs often hurt the very people they’re intended to help.

Real love is being committed not just to an ideal, but to what works. It requires opening one’s eyes to see the results that actions produce.

Government welfare creates an unhealthy dependence which traps generations in poverty. One need only drive by a housing project to get an idea of the horrible results it produces.

Minimum wage hurts the very poor. The most desperate for jobs lose their jobs. Others are deprived of jobs that otherwise would have been created and that would have released them from the cycle of poverty which haunts their souls.

Minimum wage forces small-business owners to work long, low-wage hours, and some make no money at all, or lose money, while putting their life savings at risk.

Minimum wage hurts customers. The people who shop at Walmart earn, on average, about the same wage as the people who work there. A forced pay hike for low-income Walmart workers is a forced pay cut for low-income Walmart customers.

Well intended actions that ignore results are not love, but dogma. Ignoring their devastating effects is cruel and inhumane.

The Libertarian solution is born both of a deep desire to see that all of mankind has opportunity, prosperity, and good health, and of a commitment to understanding and responding to what works and what doesn’t work.

To empower people to rise from poverty, we must remove government regulations and high taxes that hamper small businesses—and their ability to create jobs. We must remove regulations that drive up prices and lower everyone’s standard of living.

We must stop handing out privileged and unaffordable pensions and perks to government workers on the backs of private-sector workers who will see a fraction of those benefits We must stop dishing out lucrative bailouts, handouts, and contracts to crony capitalists on the backs of hard-working, private-sector taxpayers.

We must end the War on Drugs to bring down high crimes rates that plague poor neighborhoods.

We must repeal minimum-wage laws that prevent lowest-skilled workers from grabbing a rung on the economic ladder toward self-sufficiency and dignity.

A true commitment to those in need requires us to be vigorous about ending programs which do them harm. That is why Libertarians advocate policies that promote freedom, opportunity, prosperity, well-being, and peace.

Libertarianism is love. The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971 and is today the third largest political party in the United States. Over 15,000,000 votes were cast for Libertarian candidates in the 2012 election, and the party has experienced a surge in new memberships during the 2016 primary season.

Libertarian Party says laws should apply equally to all

ALEXANDRIA — The FBI has decided not to push for criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server for her State Department emails. "This is a serious miscarriage of justice," says Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the Libertarian National Committee. "One key criteria for laws to be just is that they must be applied equally to all."

Countless other people who have served in roles handling classified information have been prosecuted, fined, and jailed for far lesser breaches of protocol and security.

Hillary Clinton's complete mismanagement of highly sensitive information while Secretary of State, and dismissive attitude towards the situation since, shows that she is not qualified for the very serious role of President of the United States.

"What is particularly sad is that while most of us understood the egregiousness of this situation, we also knew from the beginning that Hillary Clinton was not going to be prosecuted or punished for it. Our system is allowing big corporations, big banks, big politicians to get away with things that normal Americans would never be allowed to. We bail out the banks. We bail out the corporations. We bail out the politicians. This is not justice. This is crony capitalism and crony politics," says Sarwark.

"In essence, Hillary Clinton thinks that she should not be held to the same standards that other Americans are and our Justice system is allowing that to happen. This is elitist, tyrannical, and completely un-American. No one should be above the law."

The Libertarian Party is the only political party in America devoted to protecting all rights, of all human beings, all the time. As part of this mission, the Libertarian Party seeks a minimal set of laws, that are truly just, which defend the rights of individuals, and which are equally applied to all.

July 5, 2016 From the Libertarian National Committee 1444 Duke St., Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Great Article in Newsweek magazine on Libertarianism

Great article in Newsweek magazine called "There is a Third Way and It's Called Libertarianism" by Jeffery Tucker. Such magazines in the past would not have allowed such favorable articles within it pages. But times are changing.


Monterey Forum/Debate May 15 for All U.S. Senatorial Candidates

The Parliament Party and the Libertarian Party (Venice Beach Club) are spearheading a forum/debate for all the candidates running for the U.S. Senate seat for California. The event takes place at the Monterey Youth Center (777 Pearl Street) in the city of Monterey on Sunday, May 15 starting at 2:00 PM. Two Libertarian Party candidates are scheduled to speak – Gail Lightfoot (LP chair of San Louis Obispo) and Mark Herd (former Westwood Councilman 2010-2014 and founder of the Venice Beach Libertarian Club LPC).

Afterwards the libertarians will go out to a pizza parlor or pub.

See Video of May 15 Forum/Debate: at https://youtu.be/GF4Gp-ZtFgo

RSVP to… Mark Herd (310) 877-8664 (A suggested $10 donation at door)

Speech by Prof. David R. Henderson

A long-time Libertarian Party activist, Prof. David R. Henderson will be giving a speech on "An Economist's Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy" on Saturday, May 14, 2016, starting at 3:00 Location: Monterey Peace and Justice Center --1364 Fremont Blvd., Seaside

Introduction by Tom Lee (Co-chair, Peace Coalition of Monterey County) - Free to the Public (suggested donation of $5)

Summary of Talk: Henderson applies economic analysis, combined with history, to make the case that the United States should have stayed out of every war it has been in since 1783. On the economic side, he focuses particularly on government’s information problem, perverse government incentives, and unintended consequences. On the history side, he focuses on World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, the Middle East, and the global war on terror.

BIO: David Henderson is a Professor of Economics at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, a Research Fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and a Senior Fellow with the Fraser Institute in Vancouver, Canada. He was previously a senior economist for energy policy with President Reagan's Council of Economic Advisers. David is the editor of The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics, the only reader-friendly encyclopedia of economics. His book, The Joy of Freedom: An Economist’s Odyssey has been translated into Chinese. His book Making Great Decisions in Business and Life has been translated into Korean. As well as writing for academic publications, David has written about 200 articles for such popular publications as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Barron's, Fortune, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Public Interest, National Review, Red Herring, and Reason. He has testified before the House Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Armed Services Committee, and the Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources. He has also appeared on C-SPAN, CNN, the Jim Lehrer Newshour, the John Stossel show, the O’Reilly Factor, and MSNBC, NPR, CBC, and the BBC. Born in Canada, he moved to the United States in 1972 to get his Ph.D. in economics at UCLA.

Sponsored by the Monterey Peace and Justice Center, and co-sponsored by Libertarians for Peace. For more information: Lawrence at lawsam1951@hotmail.com

Libertarian Angela Keaton to Speak in Monterey on Feb. 12, 2016

Angela Keaton will speak at MIIS (Middlebury Institute of International Studies) on Friday, Feb. 12 after 6 PM to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Peace Coalition of Monterey County. Ms. Keaton is the director of operations at Antiwar.com, which was founded and managed by libertarian Eric Garris. In the past, Angela served as a Member of the Board of the National Libertarian Party. One of the organization members of the Peace Coalition is the local branch of Libertarians for Peace, co-chaired by Prof. David R. Henderson and Lawrence Samuels. The event is free to the public and be followed by a wine and cheese reception. After the reception, the libertarian contingency will head out to a local bar or pub. Below is the flyer

~ Join us to celebrate our 25th Anniversary ~

Moving Toward a World Beyond War

Moderated by Professor Jan Knippers Black

Speakers ~ Reception ~ Displays

…and an opportunity to add your vision for a culture of peace

Friday, 12 February 2016

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Irvine Auditorium & Atrium @ MIIS ~ 499 Pierce Street, Monterey

Open to the Public. Free admission.

Angela Keaton is director of operations at Antiwar.com – project of the Randolph Bourne Institute – and is the former producer of the Scott Horton Show for Antiwar Radio. She holds a J.D. and M.A. from the University of Florida. She is the immediate past chair of Outright Libertarians (an association of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender activists) and the former Chair of the Board of Directors for the Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA). From 1999 to 2005, Angela hosted "The Liberated Space," a talk and news show on the controversial KOOP 91.7 FM - Austin, Texas.

Nancy Merritt is CA State Coordinator for the Peace Alliance/ Campaign for a U.S. Department of Peacebuilding (DoP/ HR 1111), and a member of the National and CA DoP Committees. She has been involved with peace and justice issues for many years and has worked with the Peace Alliance since 2004. The Peace Alliance promotes peace at every level, from personal to schools to communities to the justice system to international peacebuilding. She coordinated the work of the DoP groups with Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s office to introduce and promote a cabinet-level Department of Peacebuilding.

Jim Haber has been an active member of Jewish Voice for Peace since 2000 and is on the Coordinating Committee of World Beyond War. A long-standing member or associate of the Catholic Worker movement, Haber coordinated interfaith resistance to nuclear weapons and war through the Nevada Desert Experience from 2008 to 2013. He was a member of the National Committee of the War Resisters League from 2002 to 2014 and edited the 2008 WRL Peace Calendar "Salaam, Shalom, Solh: Nonviolence and Resistance in the Middle East and Beyond." Co-sponsored by PCMC and Amnesty International Club of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. More Information: Karen Araujo karaujo93901@gmail.com or Tom Lee at tlee7621gptc@gmail.com (PCMC) OR Jan Black jblack@miis.edu or Stephanie Nelson sinelson@miis.edu (MIIS)

Annual LP of Monterey County Meeting -- Tues., Feb. 2, 2016 in Seaside


Dear Freedom-lovers:

Our annual meeting will be Tuesday, February 2 at Roundtable Pizza in Seaside (1717 Fremont Blvd.). At about 5:30 PM we will provide pizza and beverages. After eating and socializing, there will be a short business meeting with elections and discussion of our 2016 activities. Be prepared to support the county party by renewing your annual dues.

The LPMC must deal with the problem of paying $50 a year and filling out paperwork to California Secretary of State, which was required if we had spent money on political campaigns. However, we have spent money only on our website, and not on political races. This change will require expenditures and decisions which only paid members will participate in.

The 2016 Californian LP Convention will be held April 1 – 3 at the Hilton at Los Angeles Airport, near LAX. Here is the place to seek a delegate position for the LP National Convention. See more at www.ca.lp.org The 2016 Libertarian Party National Presidential Nominating Convention will be held at the Rosen Centre Hotel & Resort in Orlando Florida from May 27 to May 30. More information: http://www.lp.org/convention/ The meeting will be followed by free debate for as long as the beer holds out. We hope to see you there!


Jane Heider, Secretary, LP of Monterey County

Lawrence Samuels, Chair  lawsam1951@hotmail.com


Letter-to-Editor: Paul Krugman Giddy About Higher Taxes

Published Jan. 6, 2016 in The Monterey Herald

People are the basis of the authority of government

In his Jan. 5 commentary “Tax hikes on wealthy: Elections have consequences,” Paul Krugman gets giddy over the prospect of higher taxation. Krugman conveniently forgets that mandatory taxation violates John Locke’s consent of the governed and the social contract for a democratic-republic.

Foremost, the people are the holders of all “unalienable rights,” not government. The people are the basis of the authority of government. In this respect, they loan their rights to elected government officials to represent their general interests. But you cannot give what you do not have. The people cannot loan the right to rob other people, since they don’t possess that authority. The question is: Where does the state acquire the right to steal? It doesn’t. In fact, where does the government get the right to torture, wiretap, spy, murder or steal? Citizens can’t do these activities with immunity, therefore neither can the government.

Some of the founders understood this principle, especially Thomas Jefferson, who as president abolished all direct taxation upon the public. The United States had almost 80 years of no direct federal taxes. Some of them knew that taxation was simply legalized theft. Krugman should know that, too.

— Lawrence Samuels, Carmel

Paul Krugman's article: http://www.montereyherald.com/article/NF/20160104/LOCAL1/160109942