The Cover-Up of italian Fascism's Marxist and Socialist History by Wikipedia Editors

A posting of the former Wikipedia page Controversies over Italian Fascism’s Political Placement can now be found at A number of left-wing editors at Wikipedia wanted to cover up Mussolini’s Marxist and socialist history. They also refused to post a revised and enlarged version with over 350 footnotes by major historians. That version will eventually be posted somewhere else.

One Wikipedia editor complained that to label Mussolini left-wing and a socialist would change 80 years of historiography, although historians have pointed out in many books that three-fourths of Italy’s industry became state-owned by the mid-1930s, making Mussolini a true socialist. Mussolini even boasted about this socialist accomplishment in a major 1934 speech, proclaiming that “Three-fourths of Italian economy, industrial and agricultural, is in the hands of the state.” (Gianni Toniolo, editor, The Oxford Handbook of the Italian Economy Since Unification, Oxford: UK, Oxford University Press, 2013, p. 59; Mussolini’s speech on May 26, 1934.)

Also see the 1933 and 1934 editions of Jane Soames’s authorized translation of Mussolini’s “The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism." This is where Mussolini proclaims that Fascism is a left-wing movement.